Self Care for you mind

Things come full circle. Prior to the array of wonderful products there are today, my mother was into natural wellness way before it was universally ‘cool.’ As an adolescent, I was ever so lucky to try veggie burgers before someone got the hang of good recipes and I did not even know that over the counter nasal decongestant was a thing until my mid-20s-boy did I think that was amazing! I drank hot water, lemon, apple cider vinegar everyday-as a 9 y/o not my favorite thing. Needless to say, I envied households where they had the ‘good’ food-you know, the ones with high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated fats. So, after I left the house, I was free to eat all the sugar and food I wanted without any thought to the ingredients.

Now getting to the full circle part; I am now so very mindful of what I put in my body. In a world that is now filled with quick, cheap, disposable products of all sorts and lots of chemicals, not only am I mindful of what I eat, but I am also very mindful of what lotions I rub in my skin (no parabens etc…) what aromatherapy oils I use (therapeutic grade/no chemicals), candles I burn (non- lead wicks, ) incense I burn (again no chemicals) and the list goes on.  I believe in balance and that there is a place for  traditional, natural, and modern medicine. I try and get my nutrients naturally but take supplements as well. I wait out headaches, try to resolve colds, stuffy noses, naturally, and have found natural remedies for most ailments;  but at times have resorted to modern medicines. My hope is that our  customers come to trust us. Trust we have researched the ingredients and quality. The products I pick for this site are ones that I use and have my children use. If I can get a positive message across as well that is the icing on the cake!

They say ‘mother’s always know best’ and the older I get the wiser I get. I now realize my mother was, and continues to be ahead of the times. Thanks Mom!