Self Care products for mind, body and spirit
We hope this finds everyone healthy and -now more then ever-practicing some good self care habits/routines.  There are so many great resources on self care during this time, We thought we would list some of the ones that have resonated the most with us: 

Find a routine with a good sleep schedule. There is a plethora of free sleep meditations online; Here is just one source:
Find some purpose in your days; whether it is completing a puzzle, learning to draw, writing letters, connecting with others.  You get the idea.  
Shower and get dressed everyday-believe it or not your attire can affect your mood.  
Do some sort of exercise-get moving.  Walk, do some yoga, tai chi or whatever motivates you.  Here is our favorite free beginners Yoga:  This is our favortie beginning tai chi: 
Get some fresh air! If it is hard to get out-open a window and let the air in.   
Reach out and  CONNECT with others! Connect with those you know well and reach out to those long lost friends/family you havent talked to for awhile.  
Consider getting a pet; They can provide, comfort, unconditional love, a distraction, joy, entertainment, something to care for 
Be mindful of what you are eating and stay hydrated!  
Tap into your creative side-rediscover something you used to love and or challenge yourself to try something new. 

TAKE A BREAK FROM THE NEWS AND INTERNET!  Stay informed but limit the time you spend watching the news.  I personally have found reading the news is better for me; it keeps me more in my logical brain as opposed to getting sucked into the emotions/sensations of wathching the news.
Give yourself  and those around you some grace. 
Practice gratitude; Consider doing a gratitude journal, writing 1-3 things every night your thankful for. 
If you can, volunteer from home or help a neighbor that is good for fulfilling purpose in your life (a key component of happiness.)  
Reach out if you need help; If it is difficult for you to go to the store, ask for help from a neighbor, friend or family member.  If you need to talk through some of your emotions:   

Please remember although there may be a lot of changes right now and some anxiety around the future, please remember; Every moment is a moment in your life, and that is happening right now.  Do not  wait to live in the future, Live with intention  now.  Wishes of health, calmness, gratitude and strength.