Self Care for Children

Teaching your children about creating healthy habits and self-care is essential! Help them increase their ability to recognize their emotional needs, how to manage their emotions more effectively, and to be able to self soothe so they can be set up for happiness.

In today’s age, when it is so easy to have children grab a device when we need a break, it is more important then ever to teach children to eagerly engage in the world around them outside devices.

There are many ways to teach self-care to children. Think of engaging their senses. Here are a few to get you going! 

 Look through photographs and tell stories about their ancestors or how they were when they were younger. Smell different flowers or essential oils. Teach them breathing techniques to calm elevated emotions (blowing bubbles is a fun way for both kids and adults!) Have them engage in their body through kids yoga or other exercises that focus on movement and breath. Let them try new creative endeavors to get their mind going and have something to be proud of. Have them actively engage in petting a pet and have them describe what they feel. Ask them to choose their favorite music to listen to at dinner and discuss what they like about it and how it makes them feel (calm? energetic? sad? happy?)

Many self-care wishes to you and those you love!