Walrus Handcrafted Wool Puppet


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How cute is this Walrus Puppet? CUTE! These hand made adorable puppets are made in Canada. Each one is made from reclaimed wool whose colors and textures are individually selected-no two will be alike!  Once you get one you will want to collect them all!

Great for imagination and as an extension for good storytelling! Hand puppets can also become helpful tools for parents. If a child is reluctant to eat or go to bed, a puppet can always be turned to for backup. Hand Puppets are excellent for motor skills, hand-eye coordination, communication skills, and self-confidence. 

Handcrafted from Premium Reclaimed Wool, no two puppets are identical, as each puppet has a unique color combination

Size: 12 inch height (30.5 cm). Hand Wash Or Machine Wash Warm, Dry Low.

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